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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions
Is it possible to use your service if surfing using modem or ISDN?
Well, yes it is possible but because we only have high quality video the movies will take long time to download using modem or ISDN.
How do I download a movie to my computer?
To download a movie right click on the 'download movie' link and select 'Save target as', then choose a location on your computer where you want to store the movie.
How do I play a downloaded movie?
You will need a media player installed on your computer to play the movie. We recommend using Windows Media Player which is usually installed on all windows computers.

Pay by SMS
How do I pay by SMS?
You will find a code and a phonenumber next to the movie, just send that code as an SMS to the phonenumber. Shortly you will recice a code back as an SMS. Enter this code in the 'SMS Code:' textfield next to the Download button. Then just click the download button and you will be able to download the movie.
I can't download the movie.
Sometimes "Internet Security" software, personal firewall or such, may interupt downloads. If you are using such softare, try to configure it to allow the download or temporary disable the sofware as you download the movie.
I have trouble with my download, the download was not completed. Must I buy the movie again?
The code you have recieved to download your movie is valid for 24 hours after your first download. So you can enter the code again to download the same movie again.